Sabato 18 Marzo 2023

Pocketful of 90’s Country – Muscadine Bloodline
You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry
Nothing Ever Held Me Down – Cannon Brand
Moved Into a Bottle – The Broken Spokes
Streets Of Baltimore – Willie Nelson
Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye – Tim Graves & The Farm Hands
That’s All it Took – Lonnie Spiker
Flat Land – The Panhandlers
Heart of Steel – Pete Cullen
Up on the Shelf – Arkansauce
Let’s Talk It Out – James Intveld

Venerdì 17 Marzo 2023

If I Should Fall from Grace With God – The Pogues
Wild Rover – The Fisherman’s Friends
Drunken Sailor – The Irish Rovers
Shady Grove – The Chieftains
The Galway Girl – Steve Earle
Whiskey in the Jar – The Irish Rovers
I’ll Tell Me Ma – The Young Dubliners
Irish Pub Song – The High Kings
Raggle Taggle Gypsy – Tabhair Dom Do Lamh – Planxty
Grainne – Dervish
Molly Malone – Johnny Logan & Friends

Giovedì 16 Marzo 2023

Life Of Sin – Sturgill Simpson
Popcorn Sutton – Pel & the Pelicans
The Ballad of Dale and Ray – Dale Watson & Ray Benson
Candy Kisses – George Morgan
How Blue – Reba McEntire
Panda Bear Reunion – Bottom Dwellers
Rare Old Mountain Dew – The Fenians
Shuttin’ Detroit Down – John Rich
Don’t Break My Heart – El Dorodo
The Lovin’ of the Game (feat. Flamekeeper) – Michael Cleveland

Mercoledì 15 Marzo 2023

Roller Coaster – Ellis Bullard
She’s Gone, Gone, Gone – Tim Graves & The Farm Hands
Sleep All Day – Weldon Henson
Diamond Joe – The Onlies
Hot Mouth Mama – Jason James
Star of the County Down – The Irish Rovers
Every Night I Burn Another Honky Tonk Down – Dallas Moore
Bottom of the Pile – Mike and the Moonpies
Where the Honkytonk Belongs – Gethen Jenkins
Highway 200 – Sterling Drake
I-70 Westbound – Railbenders

Martedì 14 Marzo 2023

Another Country Song – Nick Cross
Pie – Trout Steak Revival
Cowboy Logic – Michael Martin Murphey
Old Man from the Mountain – Merle Haggard & The Strangers
Ballad of Spider John – Willis Alan Ramsey
Drink a Ton of Whiskey – J.R. Herrera Band
Codigo GoGo – Tyler Halverson
Bird’s Eye View – Micah Howard
The L and n Dont Stop Here Anymore – Old Growth Quartet
Looking at the World Through a Windshield – The Late Night Benedictions

Lunedì 13 Marzo 2023

Git Down – Steven Moore
Box With Jewels – Mockingbird Hillbillies
Goldmine – Hearts Gone South
Even If It’s Wrong – Gary Bennett
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off – Joe Nichols
Merle – Brandon Brindley
Our Love – Kyle LaLone
Face The Music – Landon Dodd
Old Friends – Zakk Grandahl
From Here To Hallelujah – Eddie Sanders
My Hometown – Charlie Robison

Sabato 11 Marzo 2023

All I Have to Do Is Dream – Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell
Honky Tonk Dream – Alex Key
Blue Collar Dreams – Aaron Bibelhauser
Country Boy’s Dream – Jory McPhail
Rodeo Dreams – Ned LeDoux
Red Dirt Dream – JD Edge
River Road Dream – Curtis Grimes
Field of Dreams – Charley Pride
Chasing a Dream – The Teccas
Crazy Dreams – Patsy Cline
Catch Another Dream – Terry Baucom

Venerdì 10 Marzo 2023

Farm Life – Whey Jennings
Amazing Grace – Glen Campbell
Long Time Gone – Dixie Chicks
One Two Step Away – David Adam Byrnes
Paintball Gun – Ashby Frank
Wabash Cannonball – The Chieftains & Ricky Skaggs
White Painted Trees – Dylan Earl
Who Makes a Wino’s Bed – Howdy Glenn
Named After Natives – Muscadine Bloodline
Two Kentucky Brothers – Jefferson Ross

Giovedì 9 Marzo 2023

Dirt – Jared Rogerson
Honky Tonk World – Chris LeDoux
Walking Home to Wexford (feat. Tim O’Brien) – Milan Miller
Gettin’ Outta My Mind – Channing Wilson
Honky Tonk Honey – Kin Faux
Cabin in the Woods – Brit Taylor
Luxury Liner (feat. The Travelin’ McCourys) – Michael Cleveland
Tomorrows Knockin’ (feat. Jim Lauderdale) – The Shootouts
Local Bar Opry Star – Zachariah Malachi
Quit Quittin’ You – Starlett & Big John

Mercoledì 8 Marzo 2023

Big Women – Sarah Lee Langford
Rosie the Riveter – The Tillers
Sybil Ludington – Susan Wright
Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight – The Greenbriar Boys
Rosa Parks – Kristin Lems
This Train – Sister Rosetta Tharpe
How High the Moon – Ella Fitzgerald
Think – Aretha Franklin
Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool – Connie Francis
The Lucky One – Alison Krauss & Union Station
Jolene – Dolly Parton