Lunedì 17 Gennaio 2022

Oilfield Money – Ben Allen Curry Take My Hand, Precious Lord – Mahalia Jackson Guitar Town – Steve Earle I Love a Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt Daddy Was a Drunk – Jason Dea West Strange Times – Keller Cox The Mountain – Ned LeDoux 100 Degrees in the Shade – Breaking Grass Couldn’t Wait – Doc Oliver Ruby Still Falls – Milan Miller Play in new window | Download

Giovedì 28 Ottobre 2021

Lone Stars – John PayCheck Heaven South – Brad Paisley Big Wind – Porter Wagoner I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal – Billy Joe Shaver Ma And Hank Williams – Luke Hendrickson To Fly – Jamie Harper Kristine – Deer Creek Boys Nothing Left But Time To Do – Hammertowne Til You Got In the Way – Clay Hess Where the Wild River Rolls – Jason Davis, Kameron Keller, Kevin & Keith McKinnon Play in new window | Download

Mercoledì 30 Giugno 2021

The Stars Are Talkin’ – Geoffrey Miller No Hummers in the Parking Lot – The Dusty Saddle Boys Long Sermon – Gerry Guthrie Tracks and Trains – Lou Reid Low Down Dirty Man – Hearts Gone South I Ain’t Drunk – Golden Promise The Girls Next Door in Austin – Jake Penrod You Ought’ve Been There (Johnny Run the Pews) – John Bowman New Highway – Matt Prater Hard to Keep a Good Man Down – John Wayne Schulz Human Jukebox – Jarett McAlister Play in new window | Download